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The Prez Is Back

Hello Hockey Card Collectors;

I am pleased to announce that I have decided to make my return to the hobby with a new venture, President’s Choice Trading Cards.

It’s hard to believe that it is almost three years since I sold In The Game to Leaf Trading Cards, seems like yesterday.

It has been great sitting on the sidelines and watching what has gone on in the hobby but enough time has passed and I realized that I really missed manufacturing the kind hockey cards that collectors want to collect.

President’s Choice Trading Cards will launch on December 1st, 2016. We will endeavor to deliver quality products to the hobby, including a timely special edition boxed product.

Please watch for more editions of Prez Sez in order to stay updated on our upcoming product releases. Tell your friend to subscribe as well.

This is going to be fun.

The Prez – Brian Price


Final Vault Releases

Today is Release Day for the Final Vault.

The Final Vault gives collectors the opportunity to collect stamped cards from the over 16 years of In The Game production.

Each box will contain: 5 stamped Game-Used Memorabilia Cards, 4 stamped Autograph Cards and 1 stamped Mask Card.

Special Announcement

We are pleased to announce that in addition to the cards stated above, there will be inserted randomly in boxes of The Final Vault, cards that were produced for previous In The Game products but were not inserted at the time of the products’ release.

These cards will be added to the products’ checklist on our website with a special notation that the card may only be found in The Final Vault.

These cards were not inserted when the product was released due to production issues or players not returning their autograph cards back to us for the pack-out. We needed to find a good home for these cards and this is the perfect place as a bonus to those opening this product. These cards are not stamped.

To be crystal clear, these cards will be the 11th card in random boxes.


Mike Vernon Autograph – Motown Madness


Eric Lindros Game-Used Jersey 2000-01 Signature Series

Ward-O Canada

Cam Ward Game-Used Emblem O Canada

Roy-Signature Series

Patrick Roy Autograph 2001-02 Signature Series

Quad-Tough Franchises

Montreal Quad Tough Franchise Enforcers

The Final Vault Foil Stamping

The foil stamping for the cards in the Final Vault is different for the Autograph Cards, Game-Used Memorabilia Cards and the Mask Cards.

Mask Cards

There are three different stamps on the Mask Cards. There is a Gold V 1/1 stamp on one of each card released over the years including the parallels. There is a Silver V 1/5 stamp on five of each card released over the years including parallels. There is a Green V stamp on many of the cards released over the years. The quantity of each Green V stamp varies for the different cards.

Autographs Cards

All of the Autograph Cards are stamped with a Black V Vault stamp. The number of each Autograph Card stamped and inserted into The Final Vault varies for each different Autograph Card.

Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

Each Game-Used Memorabilia Card is stamped with a different V 1/1 colored foil stamp. The different foil color stamps are; Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, Black, Pink, Purple, Copper and Teal.

Red 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there is at least one card in the product.

Blue 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least two cards in the product.

Green 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least three cards in the product.

Silver 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least four cards in the product.

Gold 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least five cards in the product.

Black 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least six cards in the product.

Pink 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least seven cards in the product.

Purple 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least eight cards in the product.

Copper 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least nine cards in the product.

Teal 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are up to ten cards in the product.

The Final Vault demonstrates the cards produced by In The Game during our sixteen years in business. We hope you enjoy this trip down “Memory Lane”.

Brian Price



Important News About The Final Vault

Dear Collectors;

I have important news about In The Game, Inc.’s final release, The Final Vault.

Due to the amount of time it has taken us to inspect each and every card going into the boxes of The Final Vault for quality, we are going to have to delay the Release Date by one week. The new Release Date will be April 7, 2016.

For the past seventeen years, In The Game has taken our Release Dates very seriously and we have tried to be on time with the release of all our products if possible. I think you will admit we have done a very good job in this regard over the years.

Because there is NO Customer Service on the cards in this product, we wanted to take as much time as necessary to qc the cards before they are packaged into the boxes and this has caused this minor delay.

We will still have the product ready for release before the Spring Expo in Toronto. We apologize for the one-week delay but we feel that it is absolutely necessary.

We also want to announce our Redemption Program for the Spring Expo, April 8-10th in Toronto.

Each collector opening a box of The Final Vault at the In The Game booth will receive one special card stamped with the 1/1 Vault Logo. Each card will be a previously issued Game-Used Memorabilia Card. These cards will be selected from many of the previous In The Game trade show Redemption Cards and He Shoots He Scores or He Shoots He Saves program redemption cards. There are some amazing cards available for this program.

Here’s a look at some of the great Redemption Cards available at the In The Game booth at the Spring Expo.






You have to admit, these are great cards.

So while I’m sorry for the delay in the release of this product, I am excited about the Redemption Program at the Spring Expo.

If you haven’t ordered your box of The Final Vault, you should hurry before they are Sold Out.

Brian Price


The Final Vault News

Pack-out has begun for the March 31st release of The Final Vault and the first few cases of product have rolled off the manufacturing line. Each box is being hand-packed to insure quality control of the cards being inserted.

Here are some of the cards collectors will find in boxes of The Final Vault.

Vault 10

Avalanche StickRack Triple, three Superstars on one card.

Vault 11

A tribute to a great Hall Of Famer, Bill Gadsby.

Vault 12

You don’t find Howie Morenz Game-Used Memorabilia cards every day.

Vault 13

One of the hardest hitters in the game, Eric Lindros.

Vault 14

Still putting the biscuit in the basket, Jaromir Jagr.

Vault 15

One of the greatest goalies ever, Martin Brodeur

Vault 16

A six-piece historic reminder of an epic series, Wings vs the Habs.

Vault 17

An example of why ITG was always known for our game-used patches.

Vault 18

A retro-image with a retro patch, Jean Beliveau Game-Used Patch.

Vault 19

The best of the best, Gordie Howe Game-Used Patch

Remember the Release Date is March 31, 2016. We are currently SOLD OUT of product so make sure you contact your distributor or local hobby shop as soon as possible to insure you can order yours.

Brian Price

Final Vault On Schedule

I am pleased to announce that the Final Vault will be released as scheduled on March 31, 2016.

We are currently inspecting all the cards to insure the quality of all the cards to be inserted in the product.

Here are some images of the cards going to be inserted in the product.


A great vintage quad card from Between The Pipes


A Patrick Roy Full Gear Card from Between The Pipes


Enshrined Induction Year of George Hainsworth


Frank Brimsek Vintage Memorabilia from Between The Pipes


Connor McDavid Autograph from Heroes and Propsects


Ted Kennedy Vintage Auto/Memo from In The Game-Used


Eric Lindros Game-Used Jersey Autographed


Martin Brodeur Game-Used Jersey Autographed


Captain-C Vintage Memorabilia of Milt Schmidt

This product is going to “rock”. Order yours now.

Brian Price

Final Vault Release Date

In The Game, Inc. is pleased to formally announce the Release Date for the Final Vault. The product will be released on Thursday, March 31st. Distributors will have enough time to secure their product and distribute it to their customers in time for the Spring Expo in Toronto.

We are very pleased with the quality of the cards that are being stamped and inserted into the Final Vault.

Here are some of the Game-Used Memorabilia Cards (5 per box):











Here are some of the Autograph Cards (4 per box):









Order your Final Vault now while supplies last. Contact your distributor, dealer or local card shop. Don’t delay.

Remember, Release Date is Thursday March 31, 2016.

Don’t get shut out.

Brian Price

The Final Vault News

I am pleased to announce that The Final Vault is moving along as planned. We are currently slated for a March release and as we get closer to the pack-out, I will announce the definitive Release Date.

I wanted to share with you the Sales Sheet for the product.


Distributors have been giving the pricing on this product and dealers should be seeing solicitations from their distributors in the very near future.

I hope to have another update on this product very soon.

Brian Price