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Final Vault Releases

April 7, 2016

Today is Release Day for the Final Vault.

The Final Vault gives collectors the opportunity to collect stamped cards from the over 16 years of In The Game production.

Each box will contain: 5 stamped Game-Used Memorabilia Cards, 4 stamped Autograph Cards and 1 stamped Mask Card.

Special Announcement

We are pleased to announce that in addition to the cards stated above, there will be inserted randomly in boxes of The Final Vault, cards that were produced for previous In The Game products but were not inserted at the time of the products’ release.

These cards will be added to the products’ checklist on our website with a special notation that the card may only be found in The Final Vault.

These cards were not inserted when the product was released due to production issues or players not returning their autograph cards back to us for the pack-out. We needed to find a good home for these cards and this is the perfect place as a bonus to those opening this product. These cards are not stamped.

To be crystal clear, these cards will be the 11th card in random boxes.


Mike Vernon Autograph – Motown Madness


Eric Lindros Game-Used Jersey 2000-01 Signature Series

Ward-O Canada

Cam Ward Game-Used Emblem O Canada

Roy-Signature Series

Patrick Roy Autograph 2001-02 Signature Series

Quad-Tough Franchises

Montreal Quad Tough Franchise Enforcers

The Final Vault Foil Stamping

The foil stamping for the cards in the Final Vault is different for the Autograph Cards, Game-Used Memorabilia Cards and the Mask Cards.

Mask Cards

There are three different stamps on the Mask Cards. There is a Gold V 1/1 stamp on one of each card released over the years including the parallels. There is a Silver V 1/5 stamp on five of each card released over the years including parallels. There is a Green V stamp on many of the cards released over the years. The quantity of each Green V stamp varies for the different cards.

Autographs Cards

All of the Autograph Cards are stamped with a Black V Vault stamp. The number of each Autograph Card stamped and inserted into The Final Vault varies for each different Autograph Card.

Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

Each Game-Used Memorabilia Card is stamped with a different V 1/1 colored foil stamp. The different foil color stamps are; Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, Black, Pink, Purple, Copper and Teal.

Red 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there is at least one card in the product.

Blue 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least two cards in the product.

Green 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least three cards in the product.

Silver 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least four cards in the product.

Gold 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least five cards in the product.

Black 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least six cards in the product.

Pink 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least seven cards in the product.

Purple 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least eight cards in the product.

Copper 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are at least nine cards in the product.

Teal 1/1 Foil Stamp means that there are up to ten cards in the product.

The Final Vault demonstrates the cards produced by In The Game during our sixteen years in business. We hope you enjoy this trip down “Memory Lane”.

Brian Price




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