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ITG Warehouse

May 6, 2014

Contrary to popular rumors, ITG still has a jam packed warehouse.

It has been report on a not-to-be-named site, that while ITG was celebrating its 2014 Spring Expo Customer Appreciation party, trucks were lined up to empty the warehouse and move all its contents to Dallas, Texas.

That’s news to me, because when I arrived on Monday morning, the warehouse was still packed to the rafters as you can see below.

I will be publishing information on ITG’s new relationship with Leaf Trading Cards in the next day or so but I couldn’t believe people were making this claim about our warehouse so I had to take some pictures this afternoon.

Let’s take a mini tour of our facility (warehouse only).

photo 9

 Here are the skids that just came back from the Spring Expo with our booth floor, display stands, posters and all the other stuff that goes into making In The GameLand.

photo 8

 Here is our trusted shrink-wrap machine that did such a great job on Lord Stanley’s Mug and got it ready for released just in time for the Spring Expo. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

photo 4

 Racks of packaging and finished product.

photo 2

More “empty” warehouse space. I wish!


 Dan Hurst slabbing the He Shoots He Scores redemption cards for the second group of 2013-14 Heroes and Prospects. We couldn’t get them finished before the Spring Expo as we were too busy.

photo 3

More “empty” warehouse.

photo 6

Our StickRack. Will there be a StickRack II?

photo 5

Organized player stick boxes.

photo 11

More equipment on the second floor. Pants and gloves. Shelves don’t look empty to me.

photo 4

Skate area. Some great vintage skates on these shelves.

photo 3

The Jersey Room. Thousands of game-worn jerseys waiting to get into In The Game cards.

photo 10

Just a quick shot of the uncut goalie pads.

Well that’s my mini tour. The warehouse is anything but empty. What can you do about people starting these rumors, nothing.

Brad Paisley said it best in his country song “I’m so much cooler online”. Anyone can post what they want without consequence.

This blog is not for them, it is for our loyal supporters to let them know that nothing has changed at In The Game except that we are trying to get better and be there for collectors who want an alternative to the licensed monopoly created by the NHL and the NHLPA.

Brian Price


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