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ITG Customer Appreciation VIP Guest Ticket

April 27, 2014

Thank You

On May 3rd, the ITG Customer Appreciation VIP Guest Ticket will be the hottest ticket in town.

The festivities take place in the Northern Dancer Room at the Woodbine Race Track, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Collectors breaking products at In The GameLand as part of In The Game’s Redemption Program will receive, in addition to their redemption cards, Customer Appreciation Point coupons.

Save up 400 Customer Appreciation Points and exchange your points for a VIP Guest ticket, your ticket to a great evening of gifts, prizes and one on one sessions with our Special Guests.

VIP Guests will have the unique opportunity for a private meet and greet with all of the ITG and Sport Kings Special Guests including Pete Rose, Wendel Clark, Jayna Hefford, Sam Bennett and Aaron Ekblad.

VIP Guests will also receive some stunning gifts from both In The Game and Sport Kings along with a chance to win many valuable raffle prizes.

One of the incredible gifts each VIP Guest will receive is a random In The Game Badge of Honor Card featuring league logos from game-used jerseys.


Yzerman Memo


Messier Auto:Memo


Each card is a 1/1 featuring either game-used logo or game-used logo and autograph.

These cards are totally amazing, if I do say so myself!

The ONLY way to receive a Badge of Honor card is to have a VIP Guest Ticket and the ONLY way to get a VIP Guest Ticket is to break products and earn 400 Customer Appreciation Points.

The following products will qualify for points towards VIP Guest tickets:

2013-14 Heroes and Prospects (8 points), 2013-14 Between The Pipes (10 points), StickWork (15 points), In The Game-Used (15 points), Lord Stanley’s Mug (18 points), Past, Present and Future Baseball (18 points) and Superlative Hockey – The Original Six (40 points).

Each time you break a box of any of the above products at In The GameLand, you will be issued Customer Appreciation Points Coupons.

You will need 400 Customer Appreciation Points coupons in order to receive a VIP Guest ticket.

All redemption of Customer Appreciation Points coupons must be done by Saturday May 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

NO VIP Guest tickets will be issued after that time.

Each VIP Guest will be entitled to ONE personal autograph and photo with each Special Guest.

Get the hottest ticket in town, the In The Game Customer Appreciation Night – VIP Guest Ticket.

Brian Price


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