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Ten Years Is Too Long

February 11, 2014

Ten years is too long to wait between issues of In The Game-Used.

Each year we get emails from collectors asking us to bring back this treasured product.

But better late than never. I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of 2014 In The Game-Used on March 27, 2014.

Each box will contain four authentic game-used memorabilia cards.

One card will be a Single Memorabilia card, one card will be a Double Memorabilia card, one card will be a Triple Memorabilia card and the last card in each box will be a Quad Memorabilia card.


Single Memorabilia Card

There are 12 different Single Memorabilia Insert sets including; Game-Used Jersey, Captain-C, Flashing The Leathers, Kick Save, Vintage Memorabilia, Prospect Game-Used Jersey, Game-Used Patch, One of a Kind, Get Real, AutoThreads, Nameplates and Auto/Memo.

26. One Of A Kind-Messier

27. Get Real-Luongo

29. AutoThread-Price 31. Auto:Memo- Sundin

Double Memorabilia Card

There will be 6 different Double Memorabilia insert sets including; On The Move, Enshrined Classmates, Classic Scraps, Teammates, Game-Used Stick and Memo and Rocket Richard Trophy Winner.




Triple Memorabilia Card

There are 5 different Triple Memorabilia Card  Insert sets in In The Game-Used including; Past Present and Future, Goalie Gear, Guarding The Net, Decades and Stat Leaders.



Quad Memorabilia Card

There are 8 Quad Memorabilia Card Inserts in In The Game -Used including; Quad Game-Used Jersey, All-Star Jersey Quad, Forever Rivals, International Influence, Captain-C, Stanley Cup Battles, Quad Franchise and Complete Jersey.

18. Quad All-Star Jersey

20. International Influence

24. Complete Jersey

There will be more exciting news and images of this product posted on my blog soon but I wanted to let collectors see part of our plans for this long overdue product.

Brian Price


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