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Amazing Lumbergraph Collection in StickWork

January 29, 2014

The most amazing Lumbergraph collection ever assembled will be part of In The Game’s upcoming StickWork product.

Here are a few of the stunning examples and a Lumbergraph checklist.







17. Lumbergraphs-Morenz

I think you would agree that these cards are amazing, here’s the entire checklist for the Lumbergraph inset set in StickWork.

L-AJ Aurel Joliat
L-AJA Art Jackson
L-AR Al Rollins
L-AS Allan Stanley
L-BB Bill Beveridge
L-BBA Bobby Bauer
L-BD Bob Davidson
L-BG Bernie Geoffrion
L-BGA Bruce Gamble
L-BGR Bob Gracie
L-BJ Busher Jackson
L-BN Baldy Northcott
L-CL Carl Liscombe
L-CW Cy Wentworth
L-DH Doug Harvey
L-DK Dave Keon
L-DM Doug Mohns
L-DT Dave Trottier
L-ES Eddie Shore
L-EW Eddie Wiseman
L-FC Floyd Curry
L-FF Fern Flaman
L-FM Frank Mahovlich
L-FS Frank J. Selke
L-GA George Armstrong
L-GD Gordie Drillon
L-GH George Hainsworth
L-GM Georges Mantha
L-GMA Gus Marker
L-GMC Gerry McNeil
L-GMO Gus Mortson
L-HC Harold “Baldy” Cotton
L-HCA Herb Cain
L-HD Hap Day
L-HL Hal Laycoe
L-HM Howie Morenz
L-HS Hooley Smith
L-HL Harry Lumley
L-HW Harry Watson
L-JL Joe Lamb
L-JP Jacques Plante
L-JW Jimmy Ward
L-LC Lionel Conacher
L-LCA Lorne Carr
L-MB Marty Burke
L-MBE Max Bentley
L-MH Mel Hill
L-MR Maurice Richard
L-RB Russ Blinco
L-RC Real Chevrefils
L-RK Red Kelly
L-SA Syl Apps
L-SE Stew Evans
L-SM Sylvio Mantha
L-SS Sweeney Schriner
L-TB Turk Broda
L-TBL Toe Blake
L-TG Tommy Gorman
L-TH Tim Horton
L-TS Terry Sawchuk

There are only 2,500 boxes of this product being produced. So if your interested, order yours now. They won’t last long.

Brian Price


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