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Sportkings F Premium Base Card Redemption Program Is On

July 26, 2013

Sportkings Series F Premium Base Card Redemption Program is on.

I can’t believe it is already November 1st, three months since the release of Sportkings Series F.

Each box of Sportkings Series F contains a Premium Base Card. The letters on the backs of the Premium Base Cards spell out SPORTKINGS. Collect the ten letters that spell out SPORTKINGS and enter the Premium Base Card Redemption program.

Enshrined Cut Signature Cards

Spell SPORTKINGS once and receive an Enshrined Cut Signature card. Each card features a cut signature from a Sportking who has been inducted into their respective sport’s Hall of Fame. Premium Redemption Cut Signatures

The following is a list of the first 15 Enshrined Cut Signature Cards. They will be sent out to collectors in a random order. 1. Francis Ouimet – Golf 2. Red Grange – Football 3. Max Schmeling – Boxing 4. Mickey Cochrane – Baseball 5.  Henry Jordan – Football 6. Bob Mathias – Track and Field 7. Red Auerbach -Basketball 8. Branch Rickey – Baseball 9. Max Baer – Boxing 10. Jesse Owens – Track and Field 11. Maurice Richard – Hockey 12. Bill Russell – Basketball 13. Rick Pitino – Basketball 14. Jackie Stewart – Motorsports 15. Sadaharu Oh – Baseball

Jumbo Memorabilia Card

Spell SPORTKINGS twice and receive a Sportkings Premium Redemption Jumbo Memorabilia Card. SKF-PremRedJM_Andretti

Here is a checklist for the first 20 Jumbo Memorabilia Cards, they will be sent out to collectors in a random order. 1. Rusty Wallace 2. Mike Trout 3. Manny Pacquiao 4. Angelo Dundee 5. Will Meyers 6. Paula Creamer 7. Mario Andretti 8. Tommy Morrison 9. David Beckham 10. Meadowlark Lemon 11. Drew Pearson 12. Tom Brady 13. Scottie Pippen 14. Patrick Roy 15. Dirk Nowitzki 16. Joe Sakic 17. Barry Bonds 18. Ozzie Smith 19. Hank Aaron 20. Rickey Henderson

First Pitch Art Cards

Sportkings’ exclusive artist Jared Kelley has painted 1/1 First Pitch Art Cards for the Premium Base Card Redemption Program.  Spell SPORTKINGS FIVE times and receive 1/1 First Pitch Art Card.  The cards will be a continuation of the First Pitch checklist found in the Series F product. Harrison Ford001 Alex Ovechkin001

Here is the checklist of the first 15 cards. They will be sent out to collectors in random order. 1. Joe Montana 2. Jerry Rice 3. Alexander Ovechkin 4. Annika Sorenstam 5. Michael Jordan 6. Manny Pacquiao 7. Richard Petty 8. Usain Bolt 9. Michael Irvin 10. Mark Wahlberg 11. Tom Cruise 12. Ben Affleck 13. Troy Aikman 14. Wayne Gretzky 15. Harrison Ford

“Class Of” Art Cards

A continuation of the “Class Of” hand-painted 1/1 cards, Sportkings’ artist Ron Adair has painted cards of Baseball and Football Hall of Famers. Spell SPORTKINGS five times and receive one of these great cards. The cards will be sent to collectors in random order. Here are some of the “Class Of” Baseball cards.

Class of (Willie Mays) Class of (Jackie Robinson) Class of (Cy Young)

Here is the checklist: 1. Cy Young 2. Lou Gehrig 3. Mel Ott 4. Jackie Robinson 5. Sandy Koufax 6. Willie Mays 7. Reggie Jackson 8. Gary Carter 9. Joe DiMaggio 10. Rogers Hornsby 11. Nolan Ryan 12. Lou Brock 13. Hank Aaron 14. Duke Snider 15. Mickey Mantle 16. Satchel Paige 17. Stan Musial 18. Ted Williams 19. Jimmie Foxx 20. Tris Speaker

Ron has also painted 20 “Class Of” football cards for us. Here is the checklist. 1. Barry Sanders 2. Bronco Nagurski 3. Dan Marino 4. Deacon Jones 5. Dick Butkus 6. Don Hutson 7. Gayle Sayers 8. Jerry Rice 9. Jim Brown 10. Joe Greene 11. Joe Montana 12. Joe Namath 13. John Elway 14. Johnny Unitas 15. Lawrence Taylor 16. Otto Graham 17. Ray Nitschke 18. Reggie White 19. Sammy Baugh 20. Walter Payton.

Football Joe Namath

Football Joe Montana

Football Johnny Unitas

These cards are amazing. So open your Sportkings Series F boxes, collect your Premium Back Redemption Cards, spell SPORTKINGS and get in on the fun.

Please note that all Premium Back Redemption Cards will be sent out in random order and not necessarily in the order of the checklists above.

Brian Price


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