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Sportkings Series F Celebrates Perfection

July 16, 2013

Sportkings Anthology

Sportkings Anthology is the newest subset of Authentic Hard-Signed Autographs in the Sporktings brand.

This subset along with the Hard-Signed Autograph Cards and the Hard-Signed Auto/Memo Cards makes Sportkings Authentic Hard-Signed Autographs great to collect.

The first Sportkings Anthology subset features the 1972 Miami Dolphins’ Perfect Season.

There are thirteen players and coaches in the checklist and each has two different Authentic Autograph Cards.

There are 72 of each card inserted into the product.










Collect all 26 cards in the Sportkings Anthology Perfect Season set. Remember there are only 72 of each card inserted in Series F.

In addition, each member of the 1972 Dolphins Perfect Season Anthology Set signed pieces of authentic seats from the Orange Bowl, the site of the Dolphins’ home games for the 1972 season.

There are thirteen different cards in the checklist. Each card has five silver versions and a gold 1/1 version.

Orange Bowl Autographed Seat

These two insert sets are PERFECTION.

Brian Price

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