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Sporkings Series F Art Show

July 15, 2013

I am in awe of the talent of the Sporkings’ Artists who have contributed to the Art Cards in Sporkings Series F.

First Pitch Art Cards

Jared Kelley who has worked with us for past two years has produced his best work ever in the Memorable Moments and First Pitch Insert Sets.

First Pitch Regan

First Pitch-Obama



There will be 12 First Pitch Art Cards inserted into the product. Fine work by a fine artist – Jared Kelley.

First Class Art Cards

Ron Adair makes his Sportkings debut in Series F painting the First Class Art Cards. The five card insert set depicts the five baseball icons who were named to the first class of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner and Walter Johnson comprise the checklist.






Hopefully you will see a lot more of Ron’s artwork in future Sportkings products.

1933 Sport Kings Gum Art Cards

There were 48 cards in the Gum Inc. Sport Kings Gum product.

Sportkings’ Artist Gary Kazele has masterfully reproduced the first 24 cards of the 48 card set.

Each 1933 Sport Kings Gum card will have 9 on-card hand-drawn regular versions and a 1/1 on-card hand-drawn gold version.




Ty Cobb


No, these are not scans of the original cards, they are hand-drawn on-card Art Cards. You will be amazed when you see them in person.

Memorable Moments Art Cards

These four card puzzles feature the unmistakeable artwork of Jared Kelley. Each Memorable Moment is comprised of four individual cards which form a historical sports scene when put together.

FastestMan_MemMomUsain Bolt – World’s Fastest Man

TripleCrown_MemMomSecretariat -Triple Crown

TheCatch_MemMomDwight Clark – The Catch

GrandTheft_MemMomRickey Henderson – Grand Theft

Body Of Work Art/Memo Cards

Various Sportkings artists contributed to this Insert Set. There are 70 different Sportkings depicted and each have nine different cards.

Every card has a different on-card hand-drawn image along with a piece of authentic game-used memorabilia.





Congratulations to all the artists who worked on this project, their work is some of the best work the hobby has ever seen.

And congratulations to those collectors who pull these fabulous cards out of Sportkings Series F.

Release Date is August 1, 2013.

Order yours now.

Brian Price


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