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2013 NHL Draft Blog

June 30, 2013

Well, I am very excited as I just turned on the 2013 Draft.

I expect Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche to choose Nathan MacKinnon as the first overall pick, but you never know. Seth Jones has a definite tie to the franchise but I think the rebuilding program of the Avs demands they pick MacKinnon. He is also ready to lace them up in the NHL.

The only unfortunate part of the Draft is listening to Gary Bettman make the opening remarks and announce the trades.

Let’s see how much he gets booed in New Jersey, that will be interesting. Well it just took place and the reaction was obvious. He said “I love your energy” and the crowd didn’t stop. Such a “popular” guy.

Here we go. I’m getting excited and they are moving immediately to the stage. Remember when they took Eric Lindros?

It’s official, Nathan MacKinnon is the first over pick. What’s in the water in Cole Habour N.S.


Good teammate for Duchene and Landeskog. Colorado has some great youth. Congratulations Nathan MacKinnon.

Now on to the second pick, Florida should be choosing Seth Jones but a Jonathan Drouin or Alexsander Barkov pick would be interesting, let’s wait and see. Here they go, up to the stage.

I knew it, I’ve said it on the forums weeks ago Alexsander Barkov is the Panthers’ first pick.


I am so excited for Barkov and to be right about this selection. I was speaking to Barkov’s agent just before he left for the Draft and we both thought he would crack the top three.

Now it’s the Tampa Bay Lightning’s pick and Yzerman is on the telephone.

Not for long, they are now  going to the stage, so I would say Seth Jones is Tampa Bay bound but could be Drouin.

And it is, wow. Jonathan Drouin goes to the Tampa Bay Lightning.


OK, now it has to be Seth Jones’ turn and he could be headed to Nashville.  Nashville is headed to the stage.

And its final, Seth Jones is a Nashville Predator.

Draft Year-Seth Jones

Now is Carolina holding on to their pick or will Bettman get to announce a trade. They are sitting at their table and smiling and now they are getting up to heading to the stage.

Elias Lindholm is the fifth player overall and a worthy pick, he’s a great kid.

All five of these players have autograph cards (hard signed) in  In The Game 2013 Draft Prospects product.

Good luck to the teams and players to be selected in the balance of the Draft.

Brian Price


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