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Horrors of War II Art Card Correction and Update

June 4, 2013

Several weeks ago we received the following email from a collector who was concerned with the authenticity of one of our Horrors of War Art Cards.

“I´m contacting you because I saw on your special inserts checklist for Horrors of War II a picture of a Heinrich Himmler card and using the colors of post war Germany´s Flag (black/red/gold) as background.

 As a post World War II born German who knows about Gemany´s history I´m very upset.

 Himmler was one of the most evil Germans as “Reichsführer SS” and there is no connection to the historic colors that were used as early as 1813 in the war against Napoleon and became the official flag of the Federal Republik of Germany in 1949.

Epic fail on your side.”

We certainly take this type of situation very seriously and immediately contacted our artist, Jared Kelley about the situation and here is his reply.

“It’s true that when I do one of these portraits I spend most of my research time focusing on the actual person in the portrait, to ensure that medals, insignia, color of uniform, etc. are all accurate. I spend less time double-checking the accuracy of my background imagery. 

 For the Himmler card, I thought it would be interesting to use the flag of his homeland as an identifying agent in the painting. The only research I did on the German flag behind Himmler was a 2 minute Google search to see how the colors where arranged and what the adopted date of the flag was. Seeing that the current German flag was adopted in 1919, I assumed that it was the flag in use during WWII era.

 After I was contacted by Dr. Price, I did some deeper research and after reading Mr. XXXX’s comments, I realized that the flag I painted, although adopted for use in 1919, was replaced with the Nazi Germany flag consisting of Black, White, and Red after the fall of the Weimar Republic, anticipatory to WWII.

 Had I been more cautious and prudent in my preparations for the card, I would have known that the Black, Red, Gold flag was not an accurate representation of Germany during the time of Himmler’s military career. I will be more thorough in my research in the future. Please feel free to relay this information to Mr. XXXX and let him know that I meant no disrespect and hope he will find a way to pardon my mistake.”

We apologize for this error and glad we were able to correct it before the release of the product

HimmlerOriginal Art Card

Himmler (re-do)New Art Card

Now for the Update.

The Cut Signature line-up for Horrors of War II are simply amazing. Here are a few examples:

From the Civil War




From World War II and the dreaded Nazis




And on the American side



From World War I



Each box of Horrors of War II contains one Special Card.

Special Cards include; Horrors of War Art Cards, Original Horrors of War Cards, Authentic Relic Cards and Authentic Patch Cards.

Authentic Patch Cards


Art Cards

Each Horrors of War Art Card is unique and drawn on-card. There are ten of each different Art Cards.

Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden Art Card

MacArthurGeneral Douglas MacArthur Art Card

TojoGeneral Tojo Art Card

Doolittle (New)General Jimmy Doolittle Art Card

Other Special Cards include a complete set of 1933 Horrors of War cards and Authentic Relic cards.

Unknown-4Unknown-5A partial checklist of the 1/1 Cut Signatures has been posted on our website:

Release date is June 27, 2013. Horrors of War I sold out, so order your Horrors of War II now.

Brian Price


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