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Horrors of War II releases in June 2013

March 30, 2013

Collectors’ reaction to Horrors of War I was overwhelming.

The product SOLD OUT quickly and most of the historic Cut Signature Cards now have homes in great collections.

Even the Limited Base Cards are now hard to find.

Famous Fabrics Ink is pleased to present Horrors of War II.   Scheduled Release Date is June 28, 2013.

Each box will contain three cards.

One Cut Signature Card, one Limited Base Card and one Special Card.

The Special Cards are made up of: Authentic Military Relic Cards, Authentic Military Patch Cards, Hand-Painted Art Cards and original 1938 Horrors of War Cards.

UnknownAuthentic Military Patch Card


Authentic Military Relic Card

The Hand-Painted Art Cards will simply amaze.

Here are 15/16 cards that will be found in the product. Each card has 10 individual hand-painted original copies.

HOW Art Card Gallery

Horrors of War II Hand-Painted Art Cards (15/16)

Also inserted into Horrors of War II are 1938 Horrors of War Cards. Each card is graded and slabbed by PSA.

Original HOW Cards

1938 Gum Inc. Horrors of War PSA Graded Cards

The product also includes Limited Base Cards. There are 40 different cards, each serially number to 40.

This is the same number of sets as Horrors of War I and the Series II Base Cards are numbered from card #49 to card #88 as a continuation of Series I.

A complete checklist of the Limited Base Cards can be found on our website:

This product is extremely limited, there will only be 1,600 serially numbered boxes produced.

Order yours today.

Brian Price

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