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Between The Pipes Lookin’ Good

March 26, 2013

Some will call them Chrome, some will call them Chromium, some will call them Metal, some will call them Prism but all we will call them is FABULOUS.

I’m talking about the Masked Men 5 inserts in 2012-13 Between The Pipes.

I’ve seen the finished product and they truly are FABULOUS.


Here’s the checklist;

MM-1 Murray Bannerman
MM-2 Ed Belfour
MM-3 Dan Bouchard
MM-4 Gary Bromley
MM-5 Gerry Cheevers
MM-6 Michel Dion
MM-7 Ray Emery
MM-8 Doug Favell
MM-9 Marc-Andre Fleury
MM-10 Marc-Andre Fleury
MM-11 Grant Fuhr
MM-12 Corey Crawford
MM-13 John Garrett
MM-14 Gilles Gratton
MM-15 Dominik Hasek
MM-16 Brian Hayward
MM-17 Rick DiPietro
MM-18 Ron Hextall
MM-19 Jimmy Howard
MM-20 Arturs Irbe
MM-21 Curtis Joseph
MM-22 Nikolai Khabibulin
MM-23 Olaf Kolzig
MM-24 Manny Legace
MM-25 Ron Low
MM-26 Denis Herron
MM-27 Roberto Luongo
MM-28 Kirk McLean
MM-29 Gilles Meloche
MM-30 Ed Mio
MM-31 Andy Moog
MM-32 Evgeni Nabokov
MM-33 Mike Palmateer
MM-34 Bernie Parent
MM-35 Ondrej Pavelec
MM-36 Felix Potvin
MM-37 Carey Price
MM-38 Jonathan Quick
MM-39 Bill Ranford
MM-40 Chico Resch
MM-41 Damian Rhodes
MM-43 Mike Richter
MM-43 Patrick Roy
MM-44 Gary Simmons
MM-45 Billy Smith
MM-46 Garth Snow
MM-47 Wayne Stephenson
MM-48 Rogie Vachon
MM-49 John Vanbiesbrouck
MM-50 Semyon Varlamov

The GoalieGraph checklist will also bring a smile to collectors’ faces.


There are 133 Authentic GoalieGraph cards on the checklist which can be found on the Between The Pipes product page of our website.

As usual the Game-used Memorabilia Cards found in Between The Pipes this year will impress.


I think that the Masked Men Memorabilia cards will be one of the most highly collected insert sets in this year’s product. Not only do they feature the stunning Masked Men art but also pieces from our authentic game-used memorabilia inventory.


Always popular, the Game-Used Patch inserts from this year’s Pipes feature a great checklist. Check it out on our website.


An amazing list of goalies featured in the Draft Day insert were selected in the same year.


No one can do vintage like In The Game, and this Vintage Game-Used Jersey insert set is what you expect from us. You’re going to love these cards.


Full Gear is an insert that only In The Game can deliver, with pads, skate, gloves, sticks, jerseys of some of the greatest goalies in the history of the game.

There are many more Game-Used Memorabilia insert sets that can be found in this year’s product.

All of the Decoy Cards found in 2012-13 Between The Pipes are again Puzzle cards. These cards can either be redeemed for He Shoots He Saves cards or can be put together in 9-up sheet protectors to complete the puzzles of the stars of Between The Pipes.

 Decoy Card

Patrick Roy Puzzle Card

Other goalies include: Carey Price, Bernie Parent, Felix Potvin, Henrik Lundqvist, Marc-Andre Fleury, Grant Fuhr, Ed Belfour, Dominik Hasek, Roberto Luongo and Jonathan Quick.

For collectors who love to collect traditional base sets, the 200-card Base Card set will be perfect. The Base Cards will depict Future Stars, Stars of the Game and Legends. They will also pay tribute to International Stars and Record Breakers.


The Release Date for 2012-13 Between The Pipes is April 18th.

Order yours now, don’t get shutout.

Brian Price

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