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Thank You From Motown Madness

February 15, 2013

With the release date about two weeks away, I would like to thank our collectors, dealers and distributors for their support with this product.

We are almost SOLD OUT in advance of the release. I am very proud of this fact.

I have a surprise for collectors of Motown Madness as well. I have waited until now to announce this insert because I was not sure if I would be able to make it happen in time.

We recently acquired pieces of the boards from both the Detroit Olympia and the Joe Louis Arena. Working with the boards from the Joe Louis Arena was relatively easy. The boards from the Detroit Olympia were different. They were very old, not well stored and from a curved section. This made cutting them in to flat pieces for signing very difficult but not impossible.

Here are some of the results.


Steve Yzerman Joe Louis Arena Autographed Boards


Red Kelly Detroit Olympia Autographed Boards

I am not sure how many players will be on the checklist as we are getting close to pack-out but I am sure Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay will be included along with Yzerman and Kelly.

Just an extra little surprise from In The Game to our loyal collectors.

Enjoy Motown Madness and thanks for all your support.

Brian Price


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