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Forever Rivals Update

August 17, 2012

October 13th is the date for the release of In The Game’s tribute to the Montreal/Toronto hockey rivalry – Forever Rivals.

I would like to show you an update on the product.

Each pack/box will contain 12 cards.

  • Three premium foil Base Cards
  • Three Non-Memorabilia Inserts
  • Three Authentic Hard-Signed Autograph Cards or PaperCut
  • Three Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

Premium Foil Base Cards

The 100-card Base Card checklist has been posted on our website.

Each Premium Foil Base Card will have a Silver Version and a more limited Gold Version.

Non-Memorabilia Inserts

The 45-card Non-Memorabilia Insert Checklist has been posted on our website.

This insert set depicts players who played for both franchises.

This insert set commemorates some of the rivalries greatest moments.

Immortal members of the Toronto and Montreal franchises.

Rival goaltenders who faced each other over the years.

They met in the playoffs many times throughout the years, these cards depict those battles.

Text on the back of these cards contain quotes from the players themselves telling exactly what the rivalry meant to them.

Authentic Hard-Signed Autograph Card or PaperCut Cards

The Montreal players signed their cards in red ink.

All the Toronto players have signed their cards in blue ink.

There are some stunning dual hard-signed autographs of the rivals.

Doing what In The Game is known for, Forever Rivals includes vintage PaperCuts.

The Montreal franchise is well represented by vintage PaperCuts.

There are even Dual PaperCuts in this product.

Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

The Game-Used Memorabilia Card Checklist is posted on our website.

Forever Rivals Release Date is Saturday October 13th.

Product is limited, order yours now, contact your local card shop, dealer or distributor.

Brian Price


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