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Update From Famous Fabrics

April 18, 2012

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Base Card Program

For those participating in the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Base Card program, we want to announce that we have a winner, well not quite official yet.

A collector has submitted images of his complete Base Card set and we are now reviewing the serial numbers of his cards to confirm that he is in fact our first place winner.

As you recall the first collector to finish the complete Base Card set will receive a 1/1 Art Card painted by Jared Kelley of George Washington, the only President who did not live in the White House but was instrumental in its design.

Below are images of his Base Card set.

Remember there are still second, third and forth winners who will receive 1/3 reproductions of the Art Card.

We will be publishing the winner’s serial numbers once they are confirmed. Please ensure that your complete Base Card set does not include any of these serial numbers or your entry won’t be valid.

Congratulations to our winner.

Music, Music, Music Coming This June

Famous Fabrics Inc. understands the universal impact of music. Music is such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, it is interwoven into our activities from the moment we wake and it is often the last sound we hear at night.

This summer, collectors will have the opportunity to tear into the latest Famous Fabrics Cut Signature product, Music, Music, Music.”

The goal of this product is to celebrate music with one of the most remarkable and diverse collections of music autographs ever assembled.

“This has been a labor of love for me,” said Famous Fabrics Inc. President, Dr. Brian Price, “I love music and I have had a great time tracking down some very hard to find autographs. It takes at least 18 months to develop this type of product and to acquire the cut signatures and memorabilia. The cut signatures in this product are very diverse dating from 19th Century Opera to 21st Century Hip-Hop.”

Music means different things to different people, and when selecting the cuts to include it’s best to have substantial external input as to whose signatures would be valued the most. Said Price, “I always look to collectors for guidance in the products I make and this project is no exception. Based on the thoughts and guidance of collectors, cut signatures already acquired include: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Madonna, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Sting, Elton John, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly and Janis Joplin, to name a few.”

In addition to containing one high-caliber Cut Signature card, every premium pack will include two Authentic Memorabilia Cards. The Authentic Memorabilia Cards feature pieces from legendary performers like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Diana Ross, among many others. A serious list of music icons!

The Authentic Memorabilia Cards will consist of a number of subsets, including Single Memorabilia (i.e. an Elton John concert worn jacket), Double Memorabilia (i.e. Dianna Ross and Whitney Houston) and Quad Memorabilia. “Can you imagine a Quad Memorabilia Card of Diana Ross/Whitney Houston/Madonna/Courtney Love or for Country Music fans a Quad Memorabilia card of Carrie Underwood/Shania Twain/Lee Ann Rimes/Miranda Lambert.

Without question, the crown jewel of the collection will consist of an unprecedented redemption opportunity. In each 20-box Master Case, one Authentic Memorabilia Card will be replaced by a Fab Four Redemption Card. Based on the  print run; this will amount to 90 serial-numbered Fab Four redemption cards.

Starting November 1, 2012, Famous Fabrics will begin drawing serial numbers in blocks of 10 from the Fab Four Redemption Cards, eliminating them from the redemption process until only 10 serial numbered Fab Four Redemption Cards remain.

At the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention being held in Rosemont, IL, Famous Fabrics will eliminate nine of the 10 remaining numbers, finally declaring a winner. And what a winner! The final remaining  Fab Four Redemption Card will be redeemed for a 1/1 Cut Signature Card featuring autographs of all four Beatles!

Stay tuned for more exciting information about this product. Contact your Famous Fabrics dealer or distributor to order your box or case.

Release date is June 30, 2012.

Brian Price


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