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Sportkings Series E – All Good News

April 13, 2012

Nothing but good news about the May 3rd release of Sportkings Series E.

Production is on-time, cards look great and the 1/1 Art Cards by Jared Kelley will be the talk of the hobby.

Jared Kelley 1/1 Art Cards

Each 48-box Master Case will contain one Jared Kelley 1/1 Sportkings Art Card. Since a picture is a 1,000 words, here’s 5,000 words about these incredible inserts.

Not much more you can say about these cards. I have been in the hobby for 22 years and I personally think that these are the nicest cards ever made. But that’s just me.

Sportkings Base Cards

The Base Card checklist has been posted at:

48 brand new Sportkings including originally sized minis and mini parallels (7 silver and 3 gold).

                   Rickey Henderson Base Card

Isiah Thomas Mini Base Card

Martina Navratilova Gold Parallel Mini Base Card

Autograph Cards

The Autograph Card Checklist has also been posted. As in previous Sportkings products, there are silver and gold Autograph Cards and silver and gold Auto/Memo Cards. You can find the Autograph Card Checklists at:

Ken Griffey Jr. Gold Autograph Card

Bill Walton Silver Auto/Memo Card

Each box of Series E will contain five cards. Four Base Cards and one Insert Card. The Insert Cards are either Autograph Cards or Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards. Here are some of the Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Card inserts that can be found in the product.

Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

Although not all of the Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Checklist have been posted, you can find many of them at:

Check them out.

Spectacular Patches

Also inserted one per 48-box Master Case, collectors will be able to find Sportkings Spectacular Patches. They are exactly what they are called “spectacular”.

Check these out:

The checklist for the Spectacular Patch Cards will be posted shortly, check the Sportkings’ website (  for updates.

Sportkings Base Card Premium Back Redemption

In every pack of Sportkings Series E, collectors will find one Series E Premium Back Base Card. This card has the same front as a regular Base Card but has a single letter on the back of the card.

Collectors who participate in this program need to collect Series E Premium Back Base Cards that spell out SPORTKINGS.
That’s 10 different cards including two cards with the letter “S”.

Collect the cards that spell SPORTKINGS once, and you will receive a 1/10 Premium Sportkings Quad Memorabilia Card.

Collect the cards that spell SPORTKINGS twice, and you will receive a 1/1 Premium Sketch card.

Collect the cards that spell SPORTKINGS five times, and you will receive a 1/1 Premium Art Card painted by Jared Kelley.

Series E Premium Back Base Cards must be sent to Sport Kings LP to redeem for your award. These cards will NOT be returned.

The complete checklist of Premium Sportkings Quad Memorabilia Cards, Sketch Cards and 1/1 Art Cards will be available prior to the release of Series E.

All Sportkings Series E Premium Back Base Cards must be sent by June 30, 2013. We will not redeem any cards sent after that date.

Sportkings Cut Signature Cards

Collectors will find one Cut Signature Card in each 48-box Master Case. The complete checklist of Cut Signature Cards will be posted prior to release date.

I think the Sportkings Cut Signature inserts are amazing, hope you agree. Subsets include: Masterful, PaperCuts, Vintage PaperCuts, 1936 – The First Class, Twentieth Century Champions, Top 50 Broadcasters, March Mayhem and more.

So something for everyone in Sportkings Series E.

Hard-signed autographs (no redemptions), Sportkings Base Cards along with parallels, Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia and the Base Card Premium Back Redemption Program.

Don’t forget that in every 48-box Master Case there will be one Jared Kelley 1/1 Art Card, one Spectacular Patch and one Sportkings Cut Signature Card. In fact, there will be one of these three cards in each 16-box inner case.

Release date is May 3, 2012. I can’t wait.

Brian Price


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