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Important News for ITG Collectors

March 30, 2012

I have some important news, well maybe not news but reminders for In The Game collectors.

Ultimate Giveaway Promotion

Randomly inserted into packs of UM-11, collectors can find Ultimate Giveaway cards.

There are ten different Ultimate Giveaway cards. Each Ultimate Giveaway card depicts a different piece of game-used memorabilia on the front of the card. There are six of each of these cards inserted into the product, each one is a different color.

For example there are six different Ultimate Giveaway cards depicting a game-used Brett Hull San Jose All-Star game-used jersey, each one of the six cards is a different color.

Each Ultimate Giveaway card qualifies you to win an authentic piece of game-used memorabilia from In The Game.

In order to qualify for the “Spin To Win” event at the Spring Expo in Toronto, all Ultimate Giveaway Cards must be received by In The Game no later than April 15, 2012.

Spin To Win Event

At the Spring Expo in Toronto in the In The Gameland booth, we will spin our In The Game wheel to see who wins the game-used memorabilia. If the color on the wheel matches the card you submit, you will receive the game-used memorabilia.

We will continue to spin the In The Game wheel until a winner is declared from the Ultimate Giveaway Cards registered by April 15, 2012. All authentic game-used memorabilia will be given away at the Spring Expo.

So please make sure that any Ultimate Giveaway cards you have are in our hands by April 15, 2012. You cannot bring them to the Spring Expo to qualify, they must be sent to us prior to the deadline.

Emerald Ice Redemption

Collectors of the 2010-11 Between The Pipes are well aware of the error that was made on the back of the Emerald Masked Men cards. The Emerald Version of the Masked Men Cards was announced on the In The Game website as out of 340 of each card; however, 1/1 was printed on the back of each and every Emerald Masked Men card in error.

Even though there is nothing that we could have done about this error except apologize, we wanted to give collectors an option to make their Emerald Masked Men cards more valuable. So we created the Emerald Masked Men Redemption Program.

All redemptions for the 2010-11 Between The Pipes Emerald Masked Men Redemption” Program must be sent by April 30, 2012. We will not redeem any cards sent after that date and please note, we will also not return cards received after that date.

He Shoots He Saves Redemption Program

“He Shoots, He Saves” Between The Pipes redemption cards can be found inserted in all packs of 2010-11 Between The Pipes except those that contain memorabilia cards. Every “He Shoots, He Saves” redemption card is worth one point. Once you accumulate 200 redemption points, you are eligible to receive a special game-used memorabilia card not available in packs.

Redemption points may be redeemed for special Between The Pipes “He Shoots, He Saves” game-used memorabilia cards. There will be 30 of these special Between the Pipes game-used memorabilia cards and each will be individually hand-numbered out of 20. These cards will be sealed in In The Game memorabilia card holders.

All redemptions for the 2010-11 Between The Pipes “He Shoots, He Saves” Redemption Program must be sent by April 30, 2012. So don’t delay one month to go.

So three important dates and all in April. We want to keep all our collectors happy so please don’t miss any of these dates. In order to be fair to collectors who send their redemptions on time, we will not be able to extend the deadlines in any of these programs.

Thanks again for all your support and especially for the support on our Captain-C product which was SOLD OUT on release day.

Brian Price


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