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Between The Pipes – The Clock Is Ticking

March 23, 2012

Time is winding down until the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Between The Pipes.

May 3, 2012 is the date for the release of what will be the best Between The Pipes, ever.

The 200-card Base Card checklist has now been published on our website. As always it includes a great assortment of Future, Current and Former goaltenders.

The Non-Memorabilia Insert won’t disappoint either. Collect all 45 as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Between The Pipes and feature some of the greatest goaltenders of all-time along with the goalies who man the nets in today’s game.

What’s a Decoy Card?

At In The Game we feel that Decoy Cards are important to protect the integrity of our foil-packed products.

To make Decoy Cards more valuable, many years ago we started our He Shoots – He Scores and He Shoots – He Saves Redemption Programs. So our Decoy Cards not only protect the integrity of our products but they also are valuable in obtaining additional Memorabilia Cards in these programs.

In Between The Pipes we added another little twist to our Decoy Cards. Each Card will have an image on its front. The images are also Puzzle Cards and when put into 9-pocket pages will create blow-ups of some of the great goalies in the product.

Game-Used Memorabilia Cards are like candy
“Good and Plenty”!

10th Anniversary Between The Pipes will feature many new insert sets and many standard insert sets from past products as well.

I will be back with you next week to show off some of the Authentic Autograph cards in this product.

Remember Release Date is May 3, 2012.

Brian Price


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