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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – Special Announcement

February 29, 2012

Special announcement from Famous Fabrics, Inc.

We are thrilled with collectors’ reaction to our latest release, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

What is most satisfying to us, is the very positive reaction to our limited Base Cards featuring three different subsets; Presidents, Presidential Couples and Presidential Pets.

The 96-card set is just limited to 10 serially numbered copies.

When the product was conceived, the idea was to include every President who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. From the first President, John Adams to the current President, Barack Obama. The only President that did not live at 1600 was George Washington.

It has been pointed out to us, since the release of the product, that George Washington did have a very instrumental role in designing and building 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  For complete details on how to submit your base card set visit

So for this reason, we have created the following redemption:

The first collector to assemble the entire 96-card Base Card set will receive a 1/1 Hand-Painted Art card of George Washington painted by well-known trading card artist Jared Kelley*.

The second, third and forth collectors to assemble the entire 96-card Base Card set will receive 1/3 reproductions of the Hand-Painted Art card mentioned above.**

So collect your Base Card sets and follow the instructions on our website: when you have completed your Base Card Set.

I hope you enjoy collecting our Base Card set and participating in this exciting redemption. Good luck.

Brian Price


*Jared Kelley who is now drawing exclusively for Sport Kings LP, drew many of the very popular Goodwin Presidents cards.

** None of the same serially numbered cards can be used in different redemptions. Serial numbers of the Base Cards used for redemptions will be posted on our website to insure no duplication.


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