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Enforcers Update

January 4, 2012

With only 14 more days left until the release of this product, I thought it might be time for an update.

Enforcers might be the toughest hockey card set to collect in the history of hockey trading cards.

In what other product can you find player after player who distinguished themselves for their toughness and their selfless role in protecting teammates.

The image above has been created using mock-ups of the Tough Nameplates cards that will be found in the product. These are letters cut from the nameplates of game-worn jerseys of the Enforcers. Each card is a 1/1.

When these Tough Nameplates cards are added to the 1/1 Tough Patches cards there is a lot for hi-end collectors to chase.

Production of Enforcers is in full swing and the product will be released on time.

Orders yours now as this product is sure to be sold out.

Oh by the way, is this Georges Laraque in the picture below in a cameo role in the movie Goon?

Just wondering!

Brian Price


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