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Base Is Loaded

October 25, 2011

Yes, you have correctly read the title of this Blog. The Base Card set for UM-11 is truly loaded.

UM-11 Base Cards feature the art of well-known sports artist Mike James. There are 100 cards in the Base Card checklist. Each card will have silver and gold versions. The silver version will be out of 63 or 64, the gold version will be out of 9.

There will also be 1/1 original art Base Cards featuring the original art of Mike James. These cards will have a black border.

For the first time in ITG history, we are inserting in a product our press plates. Randomly inserted into packs will be 1/1 Silver and Gold Press Plates. They look stunning.

If that was not enough, inserted random packs of UM-11, a silver Base Card will be replaced by an Ultimate Giveaway card.

There are ten different Ultimate Giveaway cards. Each Ultimate Giveaway card depicts a different piece of game-used memorabilia on the front of the card. There are six of each of these cards inserted into the product, each one is a different color.

For example there are six different Ultimate Giveaway cards depicting a game-used Brett Hull San Jose All-Star game-used jersey, each one of the six cards is a different color.

Each Ultimate Giveaway card qualifies you to win an authentic piece of game-used memorabilia from In The Game.

Feel free to go to the In The Game Website ( to see the 10 Game-Used pieces of memorabilia that we are going to give away.

Yes, the Base is loaded in UM-11. Order your box of UM-11 while they are still available, don’t get shutout.

Brian Price


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