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Cut Them Myself

October 15, 2011

I have been very busy this last few weeks preparing for UM-11.

I am in charge of all the 1/1s. The Lumbergraphs, PaperCuts, PaperCuts and Memorabilia, Auto/Tags, Ultimate Emblems, Ultimate Numbers, Ultimate Tags, Ultimate Gloves and Ultimate Pads.

For the Ultimate Emblems (60), Ultimate Numbers (50), Ultimate Tags (40), Ultimate Gloves (30) and Ultimate Pads (20) the task is now complete. The pieces have been personally cut and the checklists are now on our website. 200 cards in all.

I would like to showoff one of each insert set. Remember these are 1/1s and personally cut by yours truly.

Have a look.

These are some of the best cards we have ever made, even if I say so myself. That’s why I have my own blog, so I can say so.

Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition releases November 10, 2011.

Eleven years! Seems like yesterday Ultimate was unveiled at the National in Anaheim, California.

Brian Price


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