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Can’t keep quiet.

September 22, 2011

With all the hobby love that Upper Deck is getting with The Cup and Panini with Dominion, our marketing staff has been holding off the promotion and marketing of Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition. They want want to wait a couple of weeks and then unveil some of the nicest cards that In The Game has ever made.

Unfortunately, I am not as patient as they are. Some of the ideas, designs and execution are beyond belief and I can’t stay quiet any longer.

The first card I want to show off is from the PaperCuts-Memorabilia insert set. Only ITG can combine authentic vintage memorabilia with cut signatures. I just love this insert set. Here is the Charlie Conacher card.

Now that’s one fine card. A vintage cut along with a great piece of vintage game-used memorabilia. there are more where that came from.

Now I am also proud of some of our authentic game-used memorabilia cards. The card below is from the Rivalry insert set, check it out.

Some of the classic rivalries are so strong, they will never die. Rocket Richard once told me that if he saw Leo Labine (Boston Bruin who broke his brother Henri’s kneecap) that day, he would kick his teeth in (Rocket was well over seventy years old when he told me this story). Remember in those days they played in one team’s arena one night and then traveled on the same train to play the next night in the other team’s arena.

How about the Stanley Cup Finals insert set. Each card commemorates a Stanley Cup final.

How about a couple of our authentic autograph cards. the first insert set I want to show off is the AutoMates insert set.

Messier and Fuhr, great teammates from a great Edmonton Oilers team. There are more where this came from.

And from the Triple Auto insert set comes autographs from the Triple Crown Line of Dionne-Taylor-Simmer.

These great cards along with a game-used memorabilia giveaway, 1/1 sketch cards, hot packs…… UM-11 will be our best yet.

Releases November 10th.

Brian Price


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