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Between A Rock and a Hard Place

June 27, 2011

Today I find myself between a “rock and a hard place”.

I have never realized how true this saying could be until today.

In The Game has a policy of not including redemption cards for cards that should be included in packs. Our competitors do this frequently. I guess that’s their policy.

Being a collector myself, I feel that if you can’t put it in the pack you should never use a redemption card, simply take the card off the checklist. That’s my opinion. Other companies are entitled to theirs.

So here’s where the saying comes in. In The Game Canadiana is scheduled to be released on July 1st – Canada Day. We have been packing it out over the last two weeks and it is ready to go except for one important signer.

The signer was contacted three weeks ago to return their signatures as soon as possible and responded that they would immediately. Two weeks went by and nothing, we were getting tight for time. We contacted their agent again and were told that no one could find the package we sent them. Had they not waited two weeks to reply, we could have sent another package and still made our release date. The signer is now in Europe and a new package had to be sent out by FedEx. It was and we are now awaiting the return of the signatures.

So that’s the “rock”, here’s the “hard place”. In The Game has had an unmatched string of twenty-two releases in a row that have been on schedule. Again, other companies change their release schedule constantly. I have always felt strongly about this as well. Both collectors and dealers are waiting for products and have to budget accordingly. That’s why we go overboard in trying to make our release dates, every release.

So do I put in Redemption Cards or do I delay the release of the product?

A rock and a hard place!

I have made the decision to delay the product. I want to include the signer, a good one. I don’t want to disappoint collectors who are buying the product because of this signer and I really don’t want to go down the Redemption Card road.

Canadiana is not based on a particular season or event so a delay, in my opinion is the lesser of the two evils, the “rock” or the “hard place”. I believe this is the right decision.

To make up for the delay in the release of this product., I am going to add another insert card to each pack of Canadiana. Now instead of getting one Autograph Card and one Memorabilia Card, we will add a third insert card to each pack of Canadiana

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