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We’re Only Human

April 15, 2011

I have now been officially dropped from the ranks of “Super Hero” to the masses of “Only Human”.

The rapid decline is extremely humbling.

As the small card company that could, In The Game always prided itself on not making mistakes, well not ever but very, very few. We felt that our attention to detail was the main reason for this.

Sure we had the odd spelling mistake, a couple of incorrect stats, used wrong image a couple of times because goalies on the same team behind masks looked similar, the usual stuff. But if you look at the 100’s of 1,000’s of cards we make each year, the numbers were minimal.

That all come to a screeching stop on April 13, 2011.

A blogger who was opening up a box of our 2010-11 Between The Pipes to post the contents called us to inform us that the Emerald Version of our Masked Men III cards had 1/1 on the back and that our website said that the Emerald Masked Men III cards were out of 340.

Was he wrong? I sure hoped so that night, I called a staff member and had them drive to our office and open up a box of product. He sure was right and boy we sure were wrong.

There is an explanation for this event but not an excuse. The card went through the normal proofing process that all our cards do before they are released and no one caught the small 1/1 designation. Probably because they were not looking for it. There never was supposed to be a 1/1 Masked Men III card in the product.

We made 1/1 Masked Men cards before and collectors felt it was to elitist and difficult to collect, so we don’t make 1/1 Masked Men cards any longer.

What were we to do. Well the first thing in my mind was to communicate this situation to everyone we could as fast as we could as the product was releasing the next day. We sent out a Newsletter to those on our list (I would advise everyone who collects our product to subscribe to the Newsletter so you can have up to date information). We posted it on our website. I personally went on the all the major hockey forums. We contact Beckett. We sent out an email to all our distributors and direct dealers. I personally went into a number of hockey chat rooms to let people know of the problem.

All of this was done before the product released on April 14, 2011.

I know that there still will be issues to deal with. We made a mistake for which we are truly sorry and apologize profusely.

We are working on a Redemption Program to make the Emerald Version of the Masked Men card more valuable and that should be forthcoming.

For those who purchased cards thinking they were 1/1’s, again I apologize. Perhaps, the person you bought the card from knowing it is not a 1/1 will adjust the price.

But please remember, we did not advertise this product with a 1/1 version of a Masked Men Card, the lowest number inserted is the Gold Version and that is out of ten.

So as I said at the start, my Super Hero mantra is gone, I am only human.

A very sorrowful Brian Price


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