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More Horrors of War Info

April 12, 2011

It seems like this product is making quite a stir.

Both Famous Fabrics and I personally have been receiving tons of emails asking more information about the product. So here’s a little more.

The Base Card set configuration is interesting. There are a total of 48 cards in the Base Set but only 40 of them are put into Horrors of War boxes. The other 8 are case toppers. Each Master Case contains 4-10 box cases and there are 2 additional Base Cards inserted as case toppers in each case. Thus a Master Case contains 8 case topper Base Cards and fills the 48 card set.

Each Base Card is serially numbered out of 40, thus there is only 40 master sets of 48 Base Cards. Confusing, hope not.

Here are a few more base card images:

Here are a couple of the WWII Cut Signature Cards:

We will also feature 1/1 Cut Signature cards from the Civil War, WWI, War on Terror, Korean War and other conflicts.

Each Horrors of War box contains one Base Card and one 1/1 Cut Signature Card.

Only 1,600 Horrors of War boxes are being produced.

Order yours today.

Brian Price


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