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Horrors of War

April 3, 2011

In 1938, Gum Inc, created a trading card design that was meant to be a message to our youth about the “horrors of war”. This epic issue contained 240 cards; which were produced in extreme graphic renderings. 1938 was the era of pulp magazines and just prior to the comic book industries first real releases.

A lot was in motion at this time; communication was void of TV, the Internet, satellite dishes, and the ability to truly educate the general public about the true day to day violence. The world’s military forces were above reproach when dealing with such issues as covered by the Geneva Convention. The main source of pictorial coverage was the weekly magazines or movie newsreels and those were devoid of the true violence and harshness of combat. Thus, the Horror of War trading cards shocked the country and even found it’s way into Life Magazine.

Ranked #1 non-sport set by the non-sport hobby, Horrors of War cards are tremendously popular. The story content of the first 240 cards were The Ethiopian War, the Spanish Civil War, and the Japanese – Chinese Conflict, which proves to be amazing since none of these battles were significant. Since the issue date is 1938 and World War II was just gearing up and there was little or nothing to print.

The final and most rare 48 cards came out after WWII began and even though they had the best content, they failed to sell as well. The strongest cards are the final 48 cards as they contain the rare Hitler card. Most collectors do not have the full set as the final 48 cards are just too expensive.

Famous Fabrics’ new – Horrors of War product keeps the original creativity alive and proceeds with as strong a relationship with the set’s idiosyncrasies, as possible.

Our product will utilize the same color and sized cards and will feature the original color of the wax wrapper on our box. The theme of the cards picks up where the last 48 cards left off, World War II to today’s War On Terror; as we utilize the same printed script, thickness of cardboard, and art renderings.

There will be 48 cards in the base set, 40 of them will be inserted into packs and the other 8 will be case toppers. There will be only 40 serially numbered sets produced.

Each pack will also contain a Horrors of War cut signature card.

Each cut signature will be a 1/1 featuring cut signatures of Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton, Hussein and many, many more.

There are only 40-40 pack cases available. Contact your Famous Fabrics distributor or dealer now.

This product will release in time for the 2011 National, this August in Chicago but I’m sure it will be SOLD OUT long before that.

Brian Price


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