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Proud As A Peacock

March 31, 2011

I think the title of my post today says it all.

I have accomplished something that I am very, very proud of. It has taken close to a year but I got it done. Can’t wait any longer to hear what it is? OK!

Mark Wells has just signed his Decades cards and that means that we will have hard signed autographs for every player on the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team – The Miracle On Ice team.

Bill Baker, Bob Suter, Buzz Schneider, Dave Christian, Dave Silk, Eric Strobel, Jack O’Callahan, Jim Craig, John Harrington, Ken Morrow, Mark Johnson, Mark Pavelich, Mike Eruzione, Mike Ramsey, Neal Broten, Phil Verchota, Rob McClanahan, Steve Christoff, Steve Janaszak and now Mark Wells.

All twenty players have signed hard-signed autographs and they will be inserted into packs of Decades-The 80s hockey. This product will be released in early June 2011.

I couldn’t settle for getting 19 of the 20. The collector in me took over, I just had to complete the set and did.

The 80s was a great decade for hockey and hockey cards and our product will pay tribute to that decade.

More information on the product will follow, if you have not subscribed to our Newsletter, you should.

But for now, I just wanted to bang on my chest and say “I gott’em all”  the Miracle On Ice Team.

Brian Price


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