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O’ Canada

January 21, 2011

My home and native land. Do I sound proud? I am.

For years, Americana products have been successfully produced and now its Canada’s time.

In The Game is just the company to do it.

This May, In The Game – Canadiana Series One goes on sale.

Canadians don’t have to take a back seat to any other country when it comes to talent.

Canada has produced world-class entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, actors, musicians and world leaders.

Our product will be both educational and recreational and will allow all Canadians and Americans alike to learn more about our rich Canadian heritage and how Canadians have had an impact throughout the world.

Talent, ability and hard work have no borders and while many of Canada’s personalities today live outside our borders, Canada is still their “home and native land”.

Series One base cards will feature iconic Canadians from across society.

Charles Best - Inventor

Did you know that Charles Herbert Best, the co-inventor of insulin was Canadian?

James Naismith

Did you know that James Naismith who invented the sport of basketball was Canadian?

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

Do you know that Maurice “Rocket” Richard was Canadian? DA!

These are a few of the base cards in the product. Future blogs will show examples of the autograph cards, memorabilia cards and cut signature cards.

Remember, In The Game – Canadiana Series One, May 2011


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