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What I’m Busy Doing

October 3, 2010

Now that I am back from my holidays and have gotten over the jet-lag, there is so much to do.

The Fall Expo is on the horizon and there is much preparation for this great event.

We will have redemption programs for the new Ultimate Memorabilia 10th Edition. Can’t believe it was ten years ago when we brought out this product. The first release was announced at the National in Anaheim California and it was the first super premium hockey product.

Now ten years later, as I prepare for this product several new exciting inserts are being created using our strongest asset, our authentic game-used memorabilia.

The redemption for UM-10 at the Expo will feature lists of Top 10’s. That’s all I can say for now but the redemption cards should be highly collectible.

We will also have a redemption program for Superlative products. First Edition, Second Edition, Bleu Blanc et Rouge and Superlative Franchise. Again, details will be forthcoming.

A third redemption program will be announced in the next few week, one that we have not done before, always want to go outside the box.

We are also going to have Brad Moore of Fairmore Sports in our booth to buy game-used memorabilia and vintage autographs for future projects.

I am also in the process of signing baseball prospects for our new Heroes and Prospects Baseball “Hits” which will be released in January. Learning a lot about minor league baseball, fascinating. I am excited about this product, our first baseball product. Heroes and Prospects has been around for seven years and I feel that the concept translates well to other sports, we will see.

Also in the works is Canadiana. Canadians don’t have to take a backseat to any other country when it comes to talent. Sports, the Arts, Business, Politics will be featured in this product. Although a release date has yet to be determine, we will be coming out with a base set product for retail channels and an autograph/memorabilia product for the hobby.

More details and a partial checklist should be available at the Expo.

Add these two projects to our expanded checklist of hockey products and I am getting exhausted just thinking about what I have to do over the next few months.

UM-10 will be followed by 2010-11 Heroes and Prospects. Following our sell out of the 2009-10 edition, Heroes and Prospects will have a couple of new features this year. The next release will be Decades, featuring the 1980’s. This was a very important decade for hockey. The 1980 Olympics and the Miracle on Ice, the Canada Cup and the Rookie Year of many future Hall of Fame players.

After Decades we will release the 2010-11 Between The Pipes product, again another sell out in 2009-10. We will produce more or rest on our laurels. Absolutely not. The product will be better but production won’t be bigger.

Other hockey products to be released this season will be Canada vs The World, Illustrious and Enshrined. Will there be a Superlative Hockey Third Edition? We will see what collectors say about that.

Once Heroes and Prospects is released we will continue our Cross-Canada Tour and begin our Collecting in the USA tour. Last year’s tour stops were extremely successful for collectors and shop owners.

Please remember, I welcome all ideas from collectors, please feel free to send them to info@itgtradingcards. com and put Product Idea in the subject line.

Brian Price


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