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Why Do I Keep Doing This

September 3, 2010

I’m sixty three years old. I have been married for thirty eight years, I have three grandchildren, why do I keep making trading cards?

I’m too old for this!

Since The National early in August, we have been working around the clock to move our offices and warehouse. We had been in the same place for twelve years and since we are in the collectibles business, we had not throw out a single thing. Eighteen tractor trailer loads later, everything is in the new location. That’s the good news but the bad news is that we could not find anything once the stuff was unloaded. Skid after skid after skid. You couldn’t even move without tripping over something.

So we took the second week in August to try and get everything in order. Didn’t work.

Even now September 3rd, I can’t find files, memorabilia boxes etc.

I want to bring collectors up to date about a number of different things going on right now.

The first project we accomplished was to get the He Shoots He Scores program up to date. All of the packages are stored off site so there was no problem finding the points, counting them and getting the redemption cards out to collectors. The last batch were sent out yesterday so we are now back inside the six to eight week time period.

Our next project was to complete the overdue Heroes and Prospects Update Set, the base card sets were finished weeks ago and so were the autograph cards but the move really hampered us finishing the game-used memorabilia cards since all of our memorabilia boxes were shrink wrapped on skids. This week we finally reorganized them and started making the cards. I am now told that the official Release Date for the Update Set is September 15th.

By the way, I am not using the move as an excuse, just an explanation.

After Labor Day we will begin to get caught up with our Made To Orders, VIP Membership Cards and our 2010 Draft Redemption cards. We hope to have all of these tasks up to date by September 22nd.

While all of this is going on we are working diligently on UM-10 to try and make it the best Ultimate Memorabilia edition ever. The Base Card artwork, which tributes the C56 design. is being done by well-known sports artist Brian Kong. The cards look great. I am also acquiring original C56 cards to be used as a redemption in the product.

Currently, I am also working on my latest product from Famous Fabrics called Famous Fabrics Ink – Hockey Edition. This product will feature all 1/1 autographs. Included in the product are autographs of Lord Stanley, Lady Byng, George Hainsworth, Bill Barilko, Charlie Conacher, Conn Smythe, Foster Hewitt, Bill Durnan, Terry Sawchuk, Gordie Howe, Turk Broda and many, many more. This product is proving to be a great challenge for me and a Release Date will be set in the next two weeks.

I am now exhausted just writing this Blog, as I said in the beginning of the BLOG, I think I am too old for this. But I still love doing it, hope it shows.

Brian Price

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