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August 27, 2010

I am sure that everyone reading this post can relate to what I have been going through over the last two weeks.


What a nightmare. Regardless of how you try and organize packing up so that unpacking will be easy, it doesn’t work.

Now that we have moved into our new premises, I can’t find a thing. I’m just piling boxes on top of boxes and looking for stuff. I keep throwing things out that I could have thrown out before I move them.

Another by product of the move is that my back is killing me, each box doesn’t weigh too much but there are so many of them. Seeing the chiropractor this morning.

Yesterday we opened all of HSHS packages and tried to get up to date. Good news, we have all the points and all the cards, the bad news is that we couldn’t find the padded envelopes to send them out. Going to Office Depot this morning.

Today we are putting the autograph labels on the autograph cards for the Heroes and Prospects Update Set, wish us luck finding everything.


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