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President’s Choice Introduces A New Trading Card Category

We are pleased to announce a new category of trading cards in our online store:

Each Lace’Em Up card is serially numbered out of 1/1, 1/3 or 1/5.

There are 27 different cards in this category, order yours now while they last.

Also sign up for the President’s Choice blog and get advance notice of new cards as they are posted in the online store.

New Home For ThePrezSez

The only constant in today’s world is change.

After eight years at this location, ThePrezSez blog is now moving and we hope you will move with us.

The blog will be hosted at

So keep in touch by logging in and subscribing to the blog.

Let’s not lose touch.

Brian Price

President’s Choice Adds To Online Store

President’s Choice Trading Cards is pleased to add many new cards to our online store inventory.

In fact, we have just added a new insert category entitled LineMates. LineMates features three players who played on the same line, such as the Trio Grande Line from the early 1980s New York Islanders’ Dynasty.

A new group of LumberGraph cards has also been added to the online store inventory including a LumberGraph of a very difficult to find Toronto Maple Leaf goalie, Frank McCool.

There are more of the ever-popular One Of A Kind cards recently posted including many athletes from various sports. How about this Gordie Howe England Whalers “tail of the whale” card.

A new group of StickHandles has also been posted. Take a look and see if there is any cards that will fit into your collection. Maybe this Saku Koivu Montreal Canadiens StickHandle.

New cards are always being listed in the store, so check back often.

Enjoy collecting.

Brian Price

President’s Choice’s Presidents Birthday Weekend Sale


President’s Choice’s President’s 70th Birthday Weekend Sale

May 28th is the President’s Choice Trading Cards’ president, Dr. Brian H. Price’s 70th Birthday.

We know, he doesn’t look a day over 69 but he really is turning 70 on May 28th.

To celebrate this occasion we are having a sale for Dr. Price’s entire Birthday Weekend.

Commencing at the stroke of midnight Friday night and continuing until Sunday at 12:00 PM, items listed below will be on sale to all President’s Choice customers.

Simply visit our online store and apply the discount code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to all items on sale.

  • all StickRack cads 15% off
  • all MegaPatch cards 15% off
  • all International Ice Autograph cards 15% off
  • all Teammates cards 15% off
  • all NamePlates cards 15% off
  • all StickHandle cards 15% off
  • all Hall of Fame cards 15% off

So join in all the fun and help us celebrate. Order some of the cards in our store that you were waiting for the right time to buy.

Happy Birthday Brian

President’s Choice Introduces Hall Of Fame Cards

President’s Choice Trading Cards is pleased to introduce a new category of trading cards, Hall Of Fame.

The Hall Of Fame cards will depict members of all of the different Halls of Fame across the entire sporting world. Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Motor Sports, Soccer, Horse Racing, Boxing and many more.

Each President’s Choice Hall Of Fame card will be a 1/1 and will feature game-used memorabilia from the Hall of Fame member depicted.

The text on the card back will give collectors insight as to why that athlete was worthy of inclusion into their respective Hall Of Fame.

Some of the cards being created feature the following Hall of Famers; Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Roberto Clemente, Jack Nicklaus, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux, Jim Brown, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, Secretariat to name a few.

Look for the first group of Hall Of Fame 1/1s soon in our online store

History On Ice

President’s Choice Trading Cards introduces an exciting new concept in hockey trading cards, History On Ice.

History On Ice cards will commemorate hockey milestones such as 500 Goals, 600 Goals, 1,000 Points and other important events.

Each History On Ice card will be limited to five serially-numbered copies and will feature game-used memorabilia.

It is our goal to produce and distribute these cards as soon possible after the milestone takes place. All cards will be offered for sale in our online store on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As part of the History On Ice Program, we will be going back in time and making History On Ice commemorate past hockey milestones.

The first History On Ice card will commemorate Sidney Crosby’s 1,000th point.

History Crosby

On February 16th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sidney Crosby scored his 1000th point by assisting on a Chris Kunitz goal. It marked the 86th time in NHL history that a player has accomplished this milestone.

These cards will be listed in our online store and will be ready for delivery in 21 days from the date they are  listed.

Prices for each History On Ice card will vary based on the memorabilia used in the production of the card.

President’s Choice Trading Cards adds Vintage Made To Order Category

A concept that I started over 10 years ago, Made To Order cards are some of the most collectible cards in the hobby.

Now President’s Choice Trading Cards is bringing back this concept to collectors. The first category for the MTO cards will be the Single Vintage Players.

Modern Players and Multiple Memorabilia piece cards will follow.

If you are interested in acquiring a MTO card, simply go to and click on the Online Store link at the top of the homepage.

Hope you will enjoy collecting them as much as I will making them.

Brian Price

President’s Choice Trading Card News

Happy New Year to the card collecting community. Let’s all hope that 2017 is a banner year for our hobby.

President’s Choice Trading Cards has some amazing things planned for this upcoming year.

On January 20, 2017 our first boxed product, Blue and White Centennial will be released and I am looking forward to that date.

Within the next few days a complete checklist for this product will be posted on our new website,

On that same date, January 20, 2017, I am also pleased to announce the launch of our Shopify store.

Here are some of the cards that will be for sale in our Shopify store.


Henri Richard Dynasty StickWork 1/1


Carey Price Mega Patch 1/1


P.K. Subban NamePlates


Dit Clapper LumberGraph 1/1


Mario Lemieux StickHandle Card 1/1


Martin Brodeur StickRack 1/1


Tom Barrasso Dynasty StickRack 1/1

There will be many more unique cards available in our store along with graded rookie cards and game-used memorabilia.

Looking forward to January 20th.

Brian Price


Blue and White Centennial Taking Shape

The production of my Blue and White Centennial product is going extremely well. We are on target for our mid-January release. A definitive date will be announced shortly.

Only 100 5-Box Cases are being produced, that’s 500 serially numbered Boxes. It is also important to note that any collector acquiring a sealed 5-Box case will receive the complete Premium Base Card Set with matching serial numbers. I don’t this has ever been done before.

Now for some images of the stunning cards that are being produced.

Captains Row

This insert set features Blue and White Captains from the entire 100 years of the franchise.

Here is the checklist:

CR-1 Double Sided Card: Day/Conacher/Kennedy/Keon/Sittler/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin

CR-2 Day/Conacher/Kennedy/Keon

CR-3  Sittler/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin


Dual-Sided Captains Row Card


It is difficult to combine ten different images and their names, ten different pieces of game-used memorabilia and their names on one trading card and make it look organized and desirable.

I hope you will agree with me when I say that I think our talented designers have found the way.

There will be 12 different Decadence Cards in our Blue and White Centennial product.

DECA-1 Decadence Goaltenders
DECA-2 Decadence Netminders
DECA-3 Decadence 30s
DECA-4 Decadence 50s
DECA-5 Decadence 60s
DECA-6 Decadence 70s
DECA-7 Decadence 80s
DECA-8 Decadence 90s
DECA-9 Decadence 2000s
DECA-10 Decadence Defense
DECA-11 Decadence Forwards
DECA-12 Decadence Vintage


Decadence Goaltenders Card


Decadence Thirties Card


Decadence Defense Card


Decadence Fifties Card


I would also like to show you a new twist on our Enshrined Insert Set. Each Card is a tribute to a Blue and White player who has been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. In the HHOF their image and name is etched into a piece of glass. Well we have tried to give our Enshrined Cards the same feel. Coving the image of the player on the Blue and White Enshrined Card is a piece of glass. Something different, I hope you like it.


Five of the Cards from the Enshrined Insert Set

There are 23 Enshrined Inserts out of 10 in the product.

E-1 Bailey, Ace
E-2 Belfour, Ed
E-3 Bower, Johnny
E-4 Clancy, King
E-5 Fuhr, Grant
E-6 Gilmour, Doug
E-7 Horton, Tim
E-8 Kelly, Red
E-9 Kennedy, Ted
E-10 Keon, Dave
E-11 Lumley, Harry
E-12 Mahovlich, Frank
E-13 McDonald, Lanny
E-14 Parent, Bernie
E-15 Plante, Jacques
E-16 Primeau, Joe
E-17 Salming, Borje
E-18 Sawchuk, Terry
E-19 Sittler, Darryl
E-20 Stanley, Allan
E-21 Sundin, Mats
E-22 Ullman, Norm
E-23 Watson, Harry

And there are 5 different Enshrined Inserts out of 5 in the product.

E-24 Broda, Turk
E-25 Conacher, Charlie
E-26 Day, Hap
E-27 Jackson, Busher
E-28 Nighbor, Frank

Remember, there are 3 different Game-Used Insert Cards in each box of Blue and White Centennial along with 10 Premium Base Cards, 6 Autograph Cards and 1 Assigned Seat Card.

The product releases in mid-January.

Get yours. Hobby shops contact your distributors and collectors contact your hobby shop.

More information coming in future editions of The Prez Sez.

Brian Price

Blue and White at the Expo

Hello Everyone

Probably the longest three days of my life as I spent most of my time at the Expo in our booth talking about our new projects.

It was nice to see many old friends and equally as nice to meet some new collectors.

One thing is for sure, the passion for the Blue and White is alive and well in the hobby. The reaction to our new product nothing short of sensational.

Here are some of the hi-lites of the Blue and White Centennial product.

There will be 500 serially numbered boxes. These boxes will be packed in 100 5-box cases.

In each box you will find:

10 Premium Base Cards serially numbered to 100

6 Autograph Cards

3 Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

1 Assigned Seating Card

There are 50 players in the Premium Base Card set. If you purchase a 5-box sealed case, you will receive a complete set of Premium Base Cards and all cards will have the same serial number out of 1oo.

The Autograph Cards included Blue and White Legends and Future Stars including; Borje Salming, Tiger Williams, Darryl Sittler, Dave Keon, Johnny Bower, Wendel Clark, Frank Mahovlich, Ian Turnbull, Teeder Kennedy, Andy Bathgate, Bobby Baun, Lanny McDonald, Mitch Marner, Nazim Kadri and many more. Remember there are six autographs per box including many Vintage PaperCuts.




There are three authentic game-used memorabilia cards per box. None of the memorabilia inserts have a print run of more than 10.


Busher Jackson Skate Lace Card


1/1 Decadence Goaltender Card


King Clancy Cup Winner Card


Tim Horton 1/1 LumberGraph Card

And last but certainly not least, every box contains an Assigned Seating Card. These cards contain pieces of seats from Maple Leaf Gardens signed by members of the Blue and White. The Gold and Red Cards are out of 3, the Blue Cards are out of 4 and the Green and Gray Cards are out of 5. There are 25 different players on the Assigned Seating checklist.


The Blue and White Centennial product is scheduled to be release in mid-January 2017.

Call your local store of distributor to make sure they will be able to get a box or a case for you.

Brian Price