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Update from Dr. Brian H. Price

I would like to offer an update on my previous blog.

I spent three days talking with collectors at the Fall Expo in Toronto. The dialogue was both very civil and informative. I understand the collectors’ point of view and I will continue to strive to satisfy their needs.

Negotiations have been finalized to reacquire the assets described in my previous blog. Once they are in my hands they will be organized and the Final Vault product will be configured. You can be assured that the Final Vault will give collectors a great “bang for their buck”.

In addition, a portion of the profits from The Final Vault will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

As soon as I have a final configuration, I will blog the information to all my followers. In addition, I will send the information out to our distributors.

This week I am working on restoring so that collectors will be able to communicate directly with me. I will blog when the email address is fully functional.

The analogy has been made that sometimes it’s too late to get the milk back in the bottle once it has been spilt. I understand that, but I am trying to sponge up the milk and empty the sponge back into the bottle. That’s the best I can do.

Hopefully, I will be successful.

News from Dr. Brian H. Price

When the In The Game brands were sold and the company ceased operations, the company had assets and liabilities. In business, when winding down a company, the assets must be sold to pay all debts to the creditors and this was the case with In The Game.

Some of the assets sold caused issues with collectors, this was unintentional.

During my twenty plus years in the hobby it has always been a top priority of mine to put the collector first and I want to continue to do so in my retirement.

For that reason, I am negotiating in an attempt to reacquire the assets that caused these issues with collectors. If my negotiations are successful, those assets  will be used in a Final Vault product so that cards in question will not be confused with any cards issued in In The Game products.

With respect to individual situations that have already occurred with collectors, I will be prepared to deal with them in order to hopefully satisfy the collectors’ needs.

I certainly will try my best to do so.

More information about how to contact me directly and the Final Vault product will be available in the near future. In the interim, I will be available at the Sportcard and Memorabilia Expo this weekend at the International Centre in Toronto.

Doug Laurie Sports

A name that Toronto hockey fans will immediately recognize is back, Doug Laurie Sports.

Originally located inside Maple Leaf Gardens, now Doug Laurie Sports can be found on eBay. The store is located at dOuglauriespOrts (both of the o’s are zeros).

The eBay store will feature some creative new concepts in sports memorabilia.

Relive the glory years of the Toronto Maple Leafs by acquiring for your home or office vintage Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art.

There are 10 pieces in the first series of Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art. These reproductions have been painted by sports artist Mike James. Each print is serial numbered out of 1917.


Sweeney Schriner Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Baldy Cotton Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Frank Finnigan Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art

1937-38Syl Apps

Syl Apps Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Charlie Conacher Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Bob Davidson Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Andy Blair Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Bill Thoms Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Babe Pratt Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art


Buzz Boll Maple Leaf Gardens Program Art

Each 24″ x 18″print comes beautifully framed and ready to be hung in your sports cave. All of the ten pieces in the first series of these program reproductions can be found at dOuglauriespOrts on eBay.

I am also pleased to introduce you to some incredible hockey jerseys hand painted by sports artist Mike James. Each one of these jerseys is a true 1/1.

Steve Yzerman A

Steve Yzerman Autographed Hand Painted Jersey

Wayne Gretzky Kings

Wayne Gretzky Hand Painted Jersey

Doug Gilmour

Doug Gilmour Autographed Hand Painted Jersey

Alex Galchenyuk

Alex Galchenyuk Autographed Hand Painted Jersey

Saku Koivu

Saku Koivu Autographed Hand Painted Jersey

Gordie Howe

 Gordie Howe Autographed Hand Painted Jersey

All the above hand painted jerseys and many more can be found at dOuglauriespOrts on eBay.

Check out these items and more in our eBay store. Doug Laurie Sports is back.

ITG Special Fall Expo Redemption Program

In The Game and Leaf Trading Cards are proud to announce a groundbreaking Redemption Program to be held at the upcoming Fall Expo, November 7th – 9th at the International Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

“The hockey trading card market has become saturated with too many products being released in short period of time. This hurts collectors, dealers and distributors. As the new kid on the block in this segment of the hobby, I wanted to do something about it” commented Leaf Trading Card President, Brian Gray. “So I have created an exciting Redemption Program for the Fall Expo with help of Universal Distribution, Prince Wholesale and The Hockey Connection to help dealers and distributors sell already released products while delivering some great Redemption Cards for collectors. A win-win-win.”

This Special Redemption Program allows collectors to redeem all 2012-13 and 2013-14 products bought at certified dealers at the Expo for 1/1 specially stamped Redemption Cards at Redemption Centre inside In The GameLand. The stamped Redemption Cards 1/1 cards will be from all the products released during those two years.

ITG-Used Shore

Expo Redeemption #1

“This program is a little twist on past Redemption Programs” said In The Game’s Dr. Brian Price, “this program only allows product purchased from Certified Dealers at the Fall Expo to be redeemed but we are going back two years, we have never done this before. It should result in a crowd at the Redemption Table at In The GameLand but it will also reduce the inventory levels of all these products in the marketplace.”

ITG Used-Beliveau

ITG-Used Clark

Only products purchased at Certified Dealers will be eligible for redemption.

When the products are purchased, Certified Dealers will give their customers a Redemption Certificate which must be presented when the box is being broken at In The GameLand to receive your 1/1 stamped Redemption Card.


Expo Redemption #2

ITG-Used Roy

Dealers who want to participate in this Redemption Program should contact Universal Distribution, Prince Wholesale or The Hockey Connection for information on how the participate.

Here are the products being redeemed:

2013-14 Products
2014 Draft Prospects 2 redemption cards
Lord Stanley’s Mug 2 redemption cards
13-14 Between The Pipes 1 redemption card
In The Game-Used 2 redemption cards
StickWork 2 redemption cards
13-14 Heroes and Prospects 1 redemption card
Superlative The First Six 3 redemption cards
Enforcers II 1 redemption card
 2012-13 Products
Decades The ’90s 1 redemption card
2013 Draft Prospects 2 redemption cards
UM-12 3 redemption cards
12-13 Between The Pipes 1 redemption card
Motown Madness 1 redemption card
12-13 Heroes and Prospects 1 redemption card
History Of Hockey 2 redemption cards
Superlative Hockey Vol. III 3 redemption cards
Forever Rivals 2 redemption cards

Don’t be late for this one as the Redemption Program will end as soon as the supply of the 1/1 Redemption Cards runs out.

Don’t get shutout. Come early and come often.

See you at the Fall Expo.

Brian Price

Fall Expo Ultimate Redemption

It’s been a while since I have posted to my blog. A lot has changed in my life over the last six months but that’s another story.

What I want to bring to your attention is the incredible Redemption Program being held at In The GameLand during the Fall Expo for Ultimate Memorabilia 14th Edition.

This is the first edition of Ultimate Memorabilia being created and manufactured under the new Leaf/ITG banner, the product will be released in time for the Fall Expo, November 7th to November 9th at the International Centre in Toronto.

For each pack of Ultimate Memorabilia 14th Edition you open at the Redemption Table at In The GameLand, you will receive a 1/1 Ultimate Archives card. That’s right a 1/1 for each pack opened. The Ultimate Memorabilia Archives cards feature specially stamped 1/1 cards from past Ultimate Memorabilia releases.

These 1/1 cards are in In The Game Ultimate slabs and are spectacular.


 Dual Rocket Richard/Gordie Howe Card


Toronto Maple Leaf Cornerstones


Patrick Roy Ultimate Names “Y”


Detroit Red Wings Ultimate Originals


Pavel Bure Ultimate Emblem


Bobby Hull Patch


Montreal Canadiens 59/60 Road To The Cup

 The Ultimate Memorabilia 14th Edition Redemption Program is limited and will continue while supplies last.

A special bonus of two additional Ultimate Archives cards will be available to collectors who break a sealed 4 box case of Ultimate Memorabilia 14th Edition.

Go to the Leaf Trading Cards website for additional information on other programs taking place at In The GameLand during the Fall Expo.

Remember, there is only one real Ultimate.

See you at the In The GameLand.

Brian Price


Congratulations is in order for the upcoming release of the first product under the Leaf/In The Game banner  – 2014 Draft Prospects.

The following is from an email sent by Leaf Trading Cards President, Brian Gray today.

“Leaf is pleased to announce that 2014 In The Game Draft Prospects Hockey is a COMPLETE SELL OUT. There are no additional cases for reorders on this item.


We will be verifying this reduced print run by NUMBERING the inner and outer cases. 


Base Set and Memorabilia card parallels in this set are SERIAL NUMBERED for the first time. “

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 8.24.06 AM

Again, congratulations on the joint effort of the Leaf and In The Game teams in making this great product for collectors.

Brian Price

First Offering From New ITG

It looks like the marriage of In The Game and Leaf Trading Cards is paying off with big dividends.

The first product will be released later this month – 2014 Draft Prospects and it looks like a great one.

Here are some images of the Jumbo Patch Cards (all cards will be serially numbered when released).

Jumbo Patch


This product will also feature Autograph Cards and Auto/Memo Cards of 2015 Projected #1 pick, Connor McDavid.


New innovations along with great Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia, a great combination.

Remember, all 2014 Draft Prospect autographs are hard-Signed.

Production has been cut back, so don’t wait too long to order yours.

Brian Price




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